Meaningful change in your life starts with an email to Health-Esteem

Wes, 50

Jamie knows her stuff. From diet, exercise, motivation and the psychology of our relationship with food, she is uniquely qualified to not just help you lose the weight (she helped me lose 50 pounds) but keep it off. Meaningful change in your life starts with an email to Health Esteem. (Seriously)


Never makes me feel like I have failed!

Karly, 29

Jamie is one of the most kind, caring souls I could ever ask for to help me through this journey to health. She truly cares for her clients and wants success for everyone. She is ALWAYS there through the rough patches and never makes me feel like I have failed!


I went from being 'ok' and 'accepting' my post-partum body to loving me again

Jessica, 28

I became interested in Ideal Protein due to having chronic headaches to the point medication was suggested to help with my pain. I met with Jamie to talk about my headaches and addition ideas and/or options I had besides medication. That is when she introduced Ideal Protein to me and talked with me about its many benefits, not just weight loss. I began program 5/10/18 and kept a journal about my headaches in relation to what I was eating. In less than a week on phase 1 I found myself having ZERO headaches; I was having one to three daily prior to program! While on program for less then 3...


My knowledge for health and wellness multiplied by thousands!

Mariah, 21

All throughout my life I consistently turned to food for comfort. I was at a constant battle, alternating between body shaming myself every time I looked in the mirror, and grabbing free ice cream at the cafeteria with my girls in college. As I grew in my faith, I prayed that I stop hating the beautiful body that God gave me and at least attempt to do something to fuel it with nutritious food and exercise. (I doubted I could ever get to this point but figured it was worth a shot). I joined the Ideal Protein medical weight loss program in search for answers as to what nutrition would even...