I went from being 'ok' and 'accepting' my post-partum body to loving me again

Jessica, 28

I became interested in Ideal Protein due to having chronic headaches to the point medication was suggested to help with my pain. I met with Jamie to talk about my headaches and addition ideas and/or options I had besides medication. That is when she introduced Ideal Protein to me and talked with me about its many benefits, not just weight loss. I began program 5/10/18 and kept a journal about my headaches in relation to what I was eating. In less than a week on phase 1 I found myself having ZERO headaches; I was having one to three daily prior to program! While on program for less then 3 months I lost 20lbs, hitting a number on the scale I didn't even seen as a athlete in high school and went from a size 14 waist line to shopping for size 8! I went from being 'ok' and 'accepting' my post-partum body to loving me again and enjoying trying new things on that I wouldn't have dared to prior to program. I slept better and had an alarming amount of energy that I couldn't seem to keep busy. (And I have a toddler at home and work full time out of the home.) I have been in the maintenance phase now for 6 months now and have maintained my weight and have had minimal headaches. Jamie not only helped me find confidence again and a body to love but taught me my headaches were directly related to my sugar intake, WITHOUT MEDICATION! Even in maintenance, she still reaches out to check in and ask how things are going! I am grateful and so very thankful for all that she has helped me succeed in.