My knowledge for health and wellness multiplied by thousands!

Mariah, 21

All throughout my life I consistently turned to food for comfort. I was at a constant battle, alternating between body shaming myself every time I looked in the mirror, and grabbing free ice cream at the cafeteria with my girls in college. As I grew in my faith, I prayed that I stop hating the beautiful body that God gave me and at least attempt to do something to fuel it with nutritious food and exercise. (I doubted I could ever get to this point but figured it was worth a shot). I joined the Ideal Protein medical weight loss program in search for answers as to what nutrition would even entail for a young college girl like me in hopes that I could one day enjoy exercise and a healthy life style. As I followed the protocol of the program, each week I was rewarded with a smaller number on the scale, and I never thought I could be so happy about wearing baggy clothes! In just 4 short months I had lost 30 lbs, and learned how to fuel my body with nutritious foods and believe it or not DELICIOUS veggies... my knowledge for health and wellness multiplied by the thousands. I never would have thought two years later I’d be at a point in my life where I love going to the gym daily and appreciate taking the time to check the nutrition labels as I stroll through the grocery store, simply because I respect my body and the foods I choose to fuel it with! I am finally at peace with myself, food, and exercise and I owe it all to my amazing coach Jamie!! She is one of the kindest, most caring individuals I have ever met in my life who truly will do everything in her power to provide you with the tools for success! It would be a challenge for you NOT to succeed doing this program with her on your side. I’m forever thankful for this program, and ultimately Jamie for the completely new and improved, veggie and exercise loving me!