Medical Weight Loss

The Health-Esteem weight loss program is a medically developed and supervised weight loss solution that is extremely effective providing long lasting, sustainable results. With this program you'll utilize Ideal Protein foods to help keep calories and macro-nutrients in check so you achieve predictable losses each week.

You'll work with a personal weight loss coach that helps you not only reach your goal, but works beyond that to ensure you adapt back to "normal" appropriately and sees you through maintenance for an additional 12 months to guarantee you have the support you need for sustainable, long-term success!

Who Will Benefit?

Anyone wanting to improve their overall health will benefit from this program. Losing weight aside, this program can effectively treat and improve a variety of health conditions including metabolic syndrome conditions such as obesity, blood sugar issues related to diabetes, cholesterol levels and blood pressure to name a few. 


What to Expect:


  • FAST results at a SAFE rate. (Women lose an average of 2-3 lbs./week, men: 3-4 lbs./week)


  • Proper Nutrition:  Aside from changing your diet to healthier, more nutritious foods; supplementation is provided to ensure proper nutrition during a restricted diet.


  • Quality Protein: Products that provide high quality protein that is better absorbed and used by the body without the extra fat and calories that animal protein can contain.


  • Adequate, Lean Tissue Support: Consuming the protein products helps to support muscle mass, preventing the loss of the tissue we WANT! This is not a HIGH protein diet; the recommend daily amount needed based off your goal weight is what’s required to consume.


  • Education:  An understanding of how food affects and is utilized by the body, including what causes fat storage.


  • Normalcy: Able to eat “regular” meals daily including lean animal protein. Available recipes and ways to prepare the provided protein foods to resemble “regular” foods.


  • Support: Weekly one-on-one coaching, lifestyle education and guidance beyond reaching your goal weight. Additional online support is a benefit of the program as well.​


  • Maintenance: Our biggest goal is providing enough education and support for you to be able to maintain your weight loss long term!

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A healthy, balanced diet is a great way to MAINTAIN weight.

However, diet restriction must occur for one to achieve effective, timely weight loss.


Without exercise aiding a balanced diet, fat will remain stored until restrictions are implemented forcing your body to burn the fat stores as energy.

Exercise alone- although great for your health and a great habit to have- is not always sufficient for weight loss without the aid of food restrictions in a safe manner.