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Weight-Loss Challenge


Health-Esteem will be hosting it's first ever weight loss challenge starting Monday, April 1st! 

We invite and encourage you to participate either as an individual or as a team of 2-4 if you like keeping each other motivated! The individual or team that reduces their total body weight by the most…


The purpose of this challenge is first of all to attain a better state of health, but also to provide fun and friendly competition for those that stay better motivated with a "start and finish" with reward.

This challenge will...

  1. Greatly improve your weight and therefore your health.

  2. Provide a safe, scientific and medically developed nutritional protocol

  3. Empower you to make healthier choices

  4. Allow you to uplift others by inspiring families, friends and co-workers

  5. Provide a source of education on how to sustain a healthier body weight

  6. Provide you the benefits of losing at least 5 – 10% of your total body weight

  7. May greatly reduce your risk of the following:

    •  High Cholesterol

    •  Hypertension

    •  Diabetes

    •  Insulin Resistance

    •  Obstructive Sleep Apnea

    •  Inflammation

    •  Cancer

    •  Mental Conditions

    •  Infertility

    •  Osteoarthritis

What's Involved?

  1. 12-Weeks in (phase-1) on our Medical Weight Loss Program

  2. Weekly Accountability meetings

  3. Post weight-loss support (at NO cost) to help you transition and MAINTAIN long after the challenge is over.

  4. INVEST in your health​​​​

    • ​$150.00 to Enroll
      • Earn $100.00 back when you lose 10% total Body Weight (BW)
    • Costs involved to sustain being on protocol 12 weeks

      • Breaks down to about $14.00/Day

  5. REWARDS-Health Related

    • 12 weeks on protocol guarantees at least 5-10% body weight loss. 

      • Women lose 25+

      • Men lose 35+ 

    • With this comes ALL the benefits of losing weight

      • Reduce or even discontinue medications

      • More energy, feel better, sleep better

      • Education on health and nutrition

      • ​And More​

  6. CASH earnings for each of the top 3 Men and Women with most total %BW lost

    • 1st Place:     $300.00​

    • 2nd Place:    $200.00

    • 3rd Place:     $100.00


**Only Accepting 40 Total Participants!**

Spots Left: 36

  1. Must be entered by March 18th in order to participate!

  2. Sorry, No Co-Ed TEAMS

    • Men and women can of course both participate, but due to men being able to lose at faster rates than women, we will keep men and women in separate categories when it comes to % body weight lost to keep the competition fair. 

  3. Attend Informational Meeting for overview of protocol and finalize participation.

    • (Location and time TBD)​

  4. Must be 18 years or older.

  5. Schedule initial consult for April 1st for privacy of first visit and starting measures.

    • Smart Scale (optional) for remote weigh-in if unable to come each week​

  6. Last weigh-in will be Friday, June 21st.


You care enough about your health to be here, looking at a solution that could work for you! We'd be thrilled to help you reach your goals and take control of your health.

Shift into the summer months a happier and healthier you!!

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