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8-Week Weight Loss Challenge


Health-Esteem will be hosting it's second ever weight loss challenge starting in October! 

Points will be earned from weekly losses, total body weight percentage reduced, and compliance measures.

The individual that earns the most points at the end of their 8 weeks... 


The purpose of this challenge is first of all to attain a better state of health, but also to provide fun and friendly competition for those that stay better motivated knowing there is a "start and finish" with reward.

What's Involved?

  1. Just 8-Weeks of (phase-1) on our Medical Weight Loss Program

  2. Weekly Accountability meetings

  3. Post weight-loss support (at NO cost) to help you transition and MAINTAIN long after the challenge is over.

  4. INVEST in your health​​​​

    • ​$150.00 to Enroll
      • $50.00 off from the usual enrollment fee
    • Costs involved to sustain being on protocol 8 weeks

      • Breaks down to about $13.00/Day

  5. REWARDS-Health Related​

    • 8 weeks on protocol guarantees at least 5-10% body weight loss. 

    • With this comes ALL the benefits of losing weight

      • Reduce or even discontinue medications

      • More energy, feel better, sleep better

      • Education on health and nutrition

      • ​And More​


    • GRAND PRIZE- dependent upon participants

      • $200 = 1-10 Participants

      • $500 = 11-20 Participants

      • $1000 = 21-30 Participants

      • and so on....

    • Possibility of earning weekly prizes


  1. Must be enrolled in October in order to participate!

    • Starts on your first weigh-in during the month of October

  2. Competition ends 8 weeks after your start date.

  3. Must be 18 years or older.

  4. Must use the Ideal Protein Method for weight loss

  5. Score is measured by the change in body fat percentage lost and points system

  6. The Grand Prize is dependent upon the number of participants and will be given out at the beginning of January to ensure all have finished.

  7. Participants will receive $50.00 off from the usual enrollment fee.

  8. Participants must attend an Ideal Protein info session before first weigh in.


Wednesday, September 25th

Saturday, September 28th

Monday, September 30th

Wednesday, October 2nd

Saturday, October 5th

**Call 715-600-6278 or Email ( 

to get details and register for a session**


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